Graphical Locater Custom Mapper

This program creates a custom Graphical Locater map. This version will map any area using either 1:100,000 data or 1:2,000,000 data, depending on the size of the area. Areas over 3 degrees wide or tall will use 1:2,000,000 data. Note that edges on whole degrees will require the data for the next whole degree also, so moving just a little short (inside) of the whole degrees may allow using the better 1:100,000 data. There is another version of Custom Mapper for large area maps including Canada and Mexico.

Line data (roads and streams) are limited to the area of the 48 states, but the 1:2,000,000 shaded relief can cover most west longitudes (-) and north latitudes (+). Input coordinates are decimal degrees. These can be copied from a Graphical Locater result page. The map area must exceed 1 km in both directions. There are versions of xy-data to convert from degrees, minutes and seconds and to convert from UTM coordinates. TRS-data will convert from Range, Township and Section.

Enter the North latitude
Enter the West and the East longitude
Enter the South latitude

HUC lines
Image size

January 9, 1998, updated on 8 AUG 2001, D.L. Gustafson