This program returns the same information as Graphical Locater for any X,Y coordinate pair.
There are also versions for input as degrees, minutes and seconds, and for explicit UTM coordinates.
This version was designed for easy cut-and-paste operations.

Enter a X,Y pair

Instructions: Coordinates may be decimal degrees X (longitude), Y (latitude) or UTM X (easting), Y (northing), Zone. West (negative) longitudes are assumed for input as degrees. Meters are assumed for input as UTM. Use a space or a comma to delimit numbers.

Examples -112.3478, 34.7291 or 356759.0, 4783212.5, 12

Note: This program covers the northwest quarter of the earth, but results are very limited outside the USA.

NOV 10 1997, updated on 13 JULY 2000, D.L. Gustafson, dlg@rapid.msu.montana.edu