XY-Data (UTM)

This program returns the same information as Graphical Locater for any UTM coordinate (in meters) and the UTM zone.


Note: This program covers the northwest quarter of the earth, but results are very limited outside the USA. Eastings are meters east of the zone center plus 500,000 m. Northings are meters north of the equator. There are 30 zones (1-30) in the western hemisphere (and 30 more in the east). Without the zone, a UTM coordinate is not a unique position on the earth. You can use any Graphical Locater map to find the zone for any location, but UTM coordinates are not always based on the zone that the location is really in. These are called extended zones.
13 JULY 2000, D.L. Gustafson, dlg@rapid.msu.montana.edu